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The media revolution that creates the reality what is here.

Xpert Times

Xpert Times News is today’s most watched and the most credible respected news media in India. It covers the news around the world in many categories.


Bharat18 is the news media that covers mostly about Politics and Internal Affairs.


Bombay Today brings latest news of mayanagri in terms of lifestyle, business, bollywood, etc.

Bollywood Zoom

Your Ultimate Entertainment Destination! Get the latest news, gossip, and exclusive insights into the glamorous world of Bollywood


Times of UP is a leading news website, providing up-to-date information on a variety of topics to readers around the world.


Socio-economic issues pertaining to sectors like health, education, environment, legal, and culture pose serious concern to the entire bandwidth of the citizenry. 

Delhi Updates

Delhi Updates, a trusted news website dedicated to providing the latest and most comprehensive updates on all things related to Delhi. 


Dailybeat digital platform which is now a year-old and has been refurbished with more visual content and a smart lay-out designed after receiving feedback from our readers, critics and writers.

The Weekly Mail UK

The Weekly Mail has quickly established itself as a trusted source of news and information for its growing community of readers.


Asiapedia is a Biography based portal that provides accurate information about Indian celebrities and movies.

Hindustan Express

Hindustan Express is a part of which mainly works with the main news media.

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